IESlive offers several astounding supports and services for its customers and it functions as the state of the art technology supplier company for numerous industries. The working arena of IESlive includes industries like CCTV, Broadcast, Medical, Audio and Visual, HD Video and Sports and Live events.


Maximum flexibility and complete integration are the two key characteristics of IESlive products. For these purposes, all IESlive CCTV products comply to ONVIF into existing IP based CCTV systems to ensure utmost suppleness and inclusive assimilation. IESLive presents complete package product of HD and SD cameras, Encoders and Decoders. IESlive’s full range CCTV products can excitingly be in your services for new IP systems or existing Analogue transitions to IP. IESlive’s CCTV products support Hardware and Software decoders, NVRs and above all CMS. Other key specifications consist of facilities like two ways audio, PoE and RS485. These gripping features are all standard on almost all products. We provide services like high level technical support and expertise guidance to CCTV integrators or installers using IESlives’ CCTV product/s.

IESlive-CCTV Applications and Features:

IESlives CCTV products present several features and applications which include the following –

  • Paramount flexibility and inclusive amalgamation.
  • ONVIF support
  • SD & HD video IP Cameras, HD Encoders and HD Decoders
  • Free CMS / NVR Software
  • NVRs Hardware
  • AAC supported two way audio
  • Standard PoE and RS485
  • Global technical support and expertise guidelines

IESlive Industries

CCTV, Broadcast, Medical, Audio/Visual, HD Video, and Sports and live events are all inclusive presented services industries of IESlive. We not only supply products from these niches but also offer universal technical support and directions from specialized agents. Our products and services from these genres are compared to none as we present multifaceted and newfangled technologies for our customers.


IESlive Broadcast Industry provides astonishing and gripping broadcast products and all kinds of services related to broadcast. It delivers low cost solutions and services for transporting up to 1080P60 video and audio over IP for its precious customers. We offer mesmerizing facilities like compressed H.264 video streams at usually 5-15 MBits/second with latencies of 30-80 mS end to end. IESLive Hardware HD encoders and decoders are widely used by film crews, editing studios, and film studios. They use them extensively because they require remote access to video footage but face bandwidth restrictions or limitations. By using IESLive encoders and decoders, one can transport or exchange video over the internet or Local Area Networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional MPEG2 or newer H.264 broadcast grade codecs. So, our broadcast products simultaneously save your precious time and valued money. Transport protocols such as RTSP streaming and MPEG Transport stream are supported together with high quality and crystal clear 64 &128 KBits/sec audio. Our broadcast products support two way audio and virtual two way serial control such as RS232/485. We have some special encoders that also support local recording via USB as a backup facility due to network failure and other unintentional hazards. Content from Video cameras or PC / MAC generated images can be encoded, transported and decoded equally as well at up to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz or 60 frames per second. Speed, low cost and safe transportation and smooth functioning are guaranteed by IESlive Broadcast industry.

IESlive-Broadcast Key Specifications:

Key features and applications of IESlive-Broadcast include the following services:

  • Offers film and editing studios
  • Animation works
  • Solutions and services outside broadcast vans
  • Images from video cameras, PC or MAC can be encoded, transported and decoded rapidly, smoothly and with high quality audio and video
  • Moving vehicle cameras
  • Radio link Video and Audio
  • Low cost solutions and services
  • Proper functioning, speed and flexibility are ensured
  • Local recording

IESlive Industries

IESlive brings about revolutionary changes with its latest technologies and products in the subsequent industries namely CCTV, Broadcast, Medical, HD Video, Audio/Visual and Sports and live events. IESlive doesn’t sell products; it sells better services with low cost solutions and astounding features.


Nowadays in medical sector, several instruments, scanners, technologies and cameras are used widely to diagnose diseases, solve complications of operations and to avoid hazards. IESlive supplies low latency encoders and decoders for encoding and streaming the content from those technologies and used instruments in medical sector. IESlive-Medical presents CT MRI Video output, endoscopy cameras, training room and operating theatre cameras to ensure ultrasound images and to store video records for future use. Encoders can take the output of any VGA DVI or HDMI source at up to 1920 x 1080 pixels and encode at up to 60 frames or Hertz per second. Any PC MAC or instrument camera with an output to an LCD monitor can be encoded and streamed over a LAN or the internet. Hardware or software decoders can be used to decode and view these streams remotely with total delay latencies of around 80mS. All these features save time, money and precious labor. These products assist immensely and are contributing tremendously in the medical sector. IESlive-Medical industry paves the way for better functioning, smooth controlling and easy handling. One can store data or information for further use with these advanced instruments.

IESlive-Medical Features and Applications

IESlive provides surprising medical instruments and technical support. Its features and applications include the subsequent specifications:

  • CT MRI scanner to produce ultrasound images
  • Endoscopy, Training room, Operating theatre cameras and monitors
  • PC or MAC screen output
  • Stream over LAN or WAN/Internet
  • Decode with software and Hardware HD decoders
  • Smooth functions, proper utilization and complete flexibility guaranteed
  • Low cost with outstanding solutions
  • Free technical support and directions from experts

IESlive Industries

IESlive industries consist of the vast areas of CCTV, Broadcast, Medical, Audio/Visual, HD Video and Sports and live events. IESlive supplies mesmerizing and smooth functional state of the art technologies for its customers. The products from every industry are latest, smooth and functional oriented. IESlive offers both products and technical services to ensure better customer satisfaction and fulfill their requirements.

IESlive-Audio Visual

IESlive supplies applications and technological devices for both personal and official usage with a view to ensuring smooth, clear and high quality audio visual facilities. It provides applications and instruments where the output from one or more Personal Computers, Laptops, MACs, Cameras, Video Players, and set top boxes need to be sent to remote central or disparate locations. IESlive HD decoders and HD encoders are highly functional along with surprisingly low cost solutions. By using IESLive encoders and decoders, one can easily transport Video and Audio over traditional LANs, WANs and Internet with a very low cost. Encoders use low bit rates of 1-15 MBits/sec depending on video resolution or PC output. It supports high quality two way audio and two way serial control signals. Internet Explorer, VLC Player and our own hardware decoders can be used to decode properly to ensure flexibility and better viewing facility. You can have complete audio visual supports and technical assistance from us. Better video quality and clear audio are guaranteed if you use our Audio/Visual programs. We offer better applications than others to have customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

IESlive-Audio/Visual Applications and Features:

IESlive supplies latest and suitable implementing audio and video applications and they have sanguine features that differentiate them from other products. They are as follows:

  • Low cost HD encoders and decoders
  • Low bit rate encoding of Video
  • Video over IP
  • Crystal clear video and audio is ensured
  • Low latency 80mS solutions
  • Hardware and Soft decoders supported
  • RTSP and MPEG TS support
  • Free set up and technical assistance
  • Longevity, flexibility, and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Exchange audio/video over LAN, WAN or Internet easily with a low cost

IESlive Industries

IESlive mainly works by offering technical devices and supports in CCTV, Medical, Broadcast, HD Video, Sports and live events and Audio/ Visual industries. The products and support all these industries presented for their customers are all unique, latest and obviously user friendly. All these applications and devices function according to their specific criteria and customers’ demands.

IESlive-HD Video

There is no alternative to IESlive-HD Video in respect of supplying HD videos with its astounding applications and encoders and decoders. It transports HD video content over IP with up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames/ second using low bit rates of typically 8-15 MBits /second. As it supports RGB and YCbCr, it permits the user to encode and stream the output from personal computers with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Our Hardware encoders or complete 2-5 Mega Pixel cameras offer 720P 1080P video over IP solutions. IESlive offers hardware and software decoders for maximum decode elasticity and smooth functioning. It purposefully supports HDMI DVI VGA Component and Composite video. We also offer guarantees for high quality AAC Stereo audio complements along with complete HD video streams. IESlive-HD Video has some mesmerizing features that make it different from the products of other companies. HD video stream together with compelling audio is the key factor of this industry. IESlive also provides technical support and comes to the assistance of customers related to their urgent queries. So, a big help regarding your query is waiting for you if you need any support.

IESlive-HD Video Specifications and Applications:

We have HD Video industry to quench your demands for HD video and clear cut audio facilities. This industry is more appealing as it supplies encoders, decoders and applications concerning HD Video streams. Major applications and features of this genre are as follows:

  • 1920 x 1080 p60 video over IP
  • HD Encoders, decoders and IP cameras
  • Low cost effective solutions and applications
  • Low latency services
  • AAC stereo audio support
  • Maximum decode flexibility
  • 60 frames/sec or 60 Hz output
  • RGB and YCb Cr video supported
  • VESA and DTV resolution support
  • Complete HD Video streams
  • Serial control and crystal clear audio

IESlive Industries

IESlive is comprised of some stupendous industries called CCTV, Medical, Broadcast, Audio/Visual, HD Video and lastly Sports and live events. It provides solutions to technical queries demanded by our customers and offers stunning products and applications for them. The company has years of vast experience and knowledge that enables the experts to solve complicated uncertainties faced by our customers.

IESlive-Sports and live events

With the development of civilization and advancement of science and technology, men’s thirst for recreational activities has also developed. People in modern society prefer sports and live events to idle away their time. IESlive copes with the rising tide of progression by bringing to light the exceptional applications, encoders and decoders concerning sports and live events. You don’t need to go to the stadium to watch a competing match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. You can feel the taste of stadium just sitting in your drawing room if you have IESlive applications attached. IESlive HD encoders allow the video feeds at Live events to be streamed to Hardware decoders that are connected to remote screens locally or further afield. Live event feeds can be encoded and sent to Live event servers. By using WoWza servers or similar, you can have instantaneous Web Based viewing. Portable cameras with Radio links can be used to send images over IP to a central mixing desk or outside broadcast van. If you want to enjoy immediate display of the same video feed on multiple monitors or screens, you can use one to one encoder decoder links or one to many links. Both are simultaneously supported here. Traditional outside broadcast equipment costs many thousands of dollars. But IESlive encoders and decoders are low cost effective equipments that can be your perfect substitutions to traditional ones. RTSP and MPEG Transport streams can be sent with high quality two way audio (AAC) at bit rates of 10-20 MBits sec/max. So, high quality live event feed is ensured by IESlive-Sports and live events at a very low price compared to traditional equipments. If customers face any technical mishap, they can contact our customer support team to meet their requirements.

Features and Applications:

IESlive helps sports and live events to be successful ones by offering compelling sports and live events encoders and decoders. The applications and features of this niche are given below:

  • Outside concerts
  • Live indoor events
  • Roving cameras
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • In house events
  • Low cost effective devices compared to traditional ones
  • High quality two way audio (AAC)
  • Portable cameras with Audio Links
  • Web based viewing

Video Security Solutions for Full Facility Coverage

Thermal security cameras are practically impossible to elude and have fewer false alarms than other solutions. Learn why and explore IESlive’s commercial, industrial and critical infrastructure security solutions products.

From the power we use in our homes, to the water we drink; from the transportation that moves us, to the communication systems we rely on to stay in touch, our modern society depends on this critical infrastructure. And it’s up to security professionals to keep it safe.

Thousands of IESlive’s thermal and visible security cameras are installed every year by facilities that understand the power of having true 24-hour video surveillance capability. IESlive thermal cameras detect intruders from much greater distances, giving security forces more time to react and respond. Coupled with IESlive’s, IP, and Analog lines of visual and infrared illuminated cameras, you’ll have an interlocking web of video tools for intrusion detection, alarm verification, and forensic evidence gathering that is all but unbeatable.

Force-on-force exercises have repeatedly shown that thermal cameras are the hardest intrusion detection technology for adversaries to defeat. Security experts throughout the industry agree: thermal security cameras from IESlive are the best solution for meeting 24/7 video surveillance requirement as an integral part of the Detect, Delay, Respond strategy, designed to give security forces time to locate, contain, and neutralize adversaries before they can access or cause damage.