Category: IP Cameras

The IES-DLD701 is a mini PAL thermal imaging camera supporting up to 25fps, the IES-DLD701 small form factor allows easy and simple integration into sUAV’s.

The IES-DLD701 camera does not produce images from visible light like the human eye does. The Camera relies on the fact that all objects, even very cold objects like ice, emit thermal (heat) energy in the portion of the spectrum that the camera can see, the long wave infrared (LWIR). Unlike a visible-light camera, the IES-DLD701 camera produces images based on radiated rather than reflected energy.

With the same powerful thermal imaging core used in the most popular cameras in the world, IES-DLD701 gives the same performance for a ground breaking low price, making it perfect for applications like:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Fire Fighting
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Roof Inspections
  • Power Line Inspections
  • Substation Inspections
  • Cell Tower Inspections
  • Security Surveying
  • And just about anything else you can dream up


Additional Features

  • 384×288, FPA Microbolometer
  • Small Size for integration into different sUAV’s and Speed Domes
  • Athermalized Lens
  • RS-485, Pelco-D/P Protocol
  • Settable grey alarm
  • Optional Lenses


Technical Details

Detector TypeFPA Microbolometer
Array Size384 x 288
Frame Rate50Hz (25fps)
Spectral Range8-14μm
Focal Length9mm, 18mm, 37mm, 50mm
FOV9mm - 61.1°*45.8°, 18mm - 30.6°*22.9°, 37mm - 14.8°*11.1°, 50mm - 11°*8.2°
Fixed Focus Range9mm - 0.8m~∞, 18mm - 3m~∞, 37mm - 12m~∞, 50mm - 23m~∞
Lens TypeAthermalized Lens
Gain/Brightness AdjustmentManual Brightness/Gain, Auto Brightness/Gain
Polarity InversionWhite/Black Hot Mode
Digital Zoom2x
Noise ReductionYes
Image EnhancementYes
Automatic Brightness/Gain Configuration Adjustment2 Fixed Patterns, 8 User-Defined Modes
Grey AlarmBuilt-In Function, 6 Grade
Power InputDC10V-15V
Power Consumption≤2.5W(Normal operating at 25℃ ambient temperature condition)
Operation Temperature-20℃-+50℃
Storage Temperature-40℃-+70℃
Dimensions92mm*36mm / 92mm*44mm / 100mm*53mm / 112mm*60mm
Video OutputPAL
Alarm InterfaceTurn on/off signal(For grey alarm)
Remote ControlRS485(PELCO-D/P)
1.8x0.5m Human(detection)330m, 660m, 1340m, 1800m
2.3x2.3m Car(detection)425m, 850m, 1700m, 2300m
1.8x0.5m Human(Identification)110m, 220m, 445m, 600m
2.3x2.3m Car(Identification)212m, 425m, 850m, 1150m